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What are SOLBars?

SOLBars is a limited collection of 3555 NFTs (non-fungible tokens) that has been created with one goal in mind – to build a strong and unified community. SOLBars NFTs are first and foremost a piece of art in and of itself. Owning a SOLBars NFT gives you an exclusive membership to a social hub where our community of likeminded individuals gather.

Remember, join for the art, but stay for the community!

The story so far

The journey begins...

It’s the year 2050 and inflation has reached an all time high at 50%. Equities and other high-risk investments have been in a downtrend for decades and people are in need of another way to hedge against the ever-growing costs of living. SOL Digger and SOL Sista set out on a journey in search of a miracle.

For decades, they slaved away at their dead-end jobs, living paycheque to paycheque. There have been whispers about a hidden mine in the land of Bulleon, waiting to be explored. The ineffable lure of the unknown along with the desperation to do whatever it takes to escape the harsh realities of life enticed the duo.

With nothing to lose, they set out on their way to search for a solution. After a long journey through the treacherous Bulleon terrains and meeting likeminded people along the way, they founded a social hub called the SOLounge.


Where likeminded people come together to appreciate art and share ideas in Web3.





This timeline details our development goals

March 2022

Create a collection of 3555 SOLBars NFTs for holders to reap the SOL rewards.

April 2022

Discord, Twitter and website launch. 

Marketing/promotion and finalize NFT Launchpad with LaunchLabs

Apply for secondary marketplace

Phase 1
Launch SOLBars NFT - Mint date May 31, 2022

Setup Matrica for verified holders

Open private holders channels and SOLounge ThinkTank

Initiate SOLBars Core Benefits

Launch Staking

Continue to build Phase 2

Phase 2

Bigger collection, better ideas. With the help of our holders in our SOLounge ThinkTank, we will be working together to build towards the SOLDiamonds collection

Perks and Benefits

Owning a SOLBars NFT allows you to gain access to our private SOLounge where you will have the opportunity to bond with likeminded people. In this space, members will have a say on how we can continually build a unified community. SOLBars NFT holders will also gain special core benefits such as:

Private discord community

New SOLBars holders role

Alpha for SOL and ETH projects

Premium WL spots to other projects

SOLounge think tank

Automatic whitelist for future phase NFT drops



SOLOasis - Staking Platform

Staking will be launched immediately after successful mint. Staking is optional for all SOLBars NFT holders. Staking is completely voluntary and at no additional costs. Holders can choose to un-stake at anytime and there are no locking periods. By choosing to stake your SOLBars NFT, you are opting into the additional benefits available to those who stake. Staking benefits will be funded by 50% of net mint proceeds.

Daily 2 SOL giveaways and one 50 SOL monthly draw

  • We will host daily SOL giveaways to reward staked holders for supporting our project and helping build our community
  • We will randomly generate a number from 1-3555. The number will correspond to the SOLBars mint number.

Contest Rules:

  • Winners must open ticket in discord server and correctly answer a skill testing mathematical question within 12 hours to claim the draw. If the giveaway is not claimed, the daily draw amount will rollover to the next day
  • Note: If your SOLBars NFT is listed on the secondary market, the NFT will not be shown in your wallet therefore we cannot verify whether you are a holder or not. Staking will allow us to confirm that you are an active holder and reduce the occurrence of bots.


Teamwork makes the dream work

SOL Digger

Professional digger. Dig all day everyday. You dig?

SOL Sista

I don’t really “rise and shine”. Most days, I just caffeinate and hope for the best.


Your burning questions answered


  • What are SOLBars?

    SOLBars is a limited collection of 3555 NFTs (non-fungible tokens) that has been created with one goal in mind – to reward our holders. Holding a SOLBars NFT gives you exclusive access to the SOL Mines where you will have the opportunity to find Solana every single day.

  • When is mint?

    May 31 2022 

  • Can holders win more than once?

    Yes! Draws are random and SOLBars holders can win multiple times. 

  • .

  • Where to mint?

    We will be minting with LaunchLabs. 

  • Which secondary market will you be listed in?

    Magic Eden 

  • Who are SOL Digger and SOL Sista?

    They are rat racers turned explorer extraordinaires. They are now SOL Mine experts and are constantly exploring Bulleon to discover new mines for holders to benefit from.

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